Cannabis or marijuana is legally allowed for recreational use in some states in the US. If you are a cannabis enthusiast then naturally you want the best quality and buying from the reputable dispensary is a good start to getting what you want. However, the best way to get good quality marijuana at the dispensary is to ask proper questions. This will ensure that you purchase the best quality marijuana. It is a good idea to identify the characteristics that you like the most in cannabis and convey these to a budtender at your favorite dispensary which will ensure that the exact product that you want.

The first thing to do is to come prepared with information. Before you go to a dispensary, it is a good idea to do some brainstorming before your visit. If you understand your favorite marijuana preferences, you will be able to communicate better questions to the bud tender and help make your experience quick and hassle free. At the same time, you will not have to wait in line wondering what you want at the last minute.

Ask yourself the following questions before you visit a dispensary

  • Which is your favorite type of marijuana – indicia, Sativa or hybrid
  • The favorite cannabis product that you prefer
  • The effects that you enjoy and the ones that you want to avoid
  • What exactly you want to experience
  • Strains that you have tried and liked earlier

If you don’t have the answers to the above-mentioned questions, then it is a good idea to conduct some research on the dispensary that you are about to visit. This will ensure that the establishment is a reputable one and full of quality products.

Researching A Cannabis Dispensary To Get The Best Products

Good Dispensary

Conduct some online research or ask your fellow cannabis enthusiasts for a good dispensary. Make sure that the dispensary you are visiting is a reputable and reliable one. Check out the reviews written by people who have visited the dispensary earlier and have written reviews about it on the website of the dispensary or some independent websites.

Possible Dispensaries

Doing this will give you a good sense of direction when you are trying to choose the selection of possible dispensaries that you want to visit. If you conduct a good research regarding a dispensary then even if you don’t know what you want you will get a quality product which you will enjoy.

Dispensary Operates

The experience of the earlier customers will give you an idea of how the dispensary operates. If the dispensary has too many bad reviews, then it is advisable to continue your research.Try to find a dispensary with good and honest reviews which elaborate on the quality of the products. They also provide details of the knowledgeability of the employees and overall ambiance at the store.

What is good quality cannabis

IT is a good idea to understand what you should look for in marijuana. This is because if you don’t understand the difference between good and bad quality cannabis, then you can be in trouble. You can usually tell the quality of good cannabis from the appearance, bud structure and smell.

Appearance wise good quality cannabis has a robust coating of trichomes and minimal levels of sugar. The bud structure should be firm not too dry and a high flower to stem ratio. The flower has a lot of visible leaves and airy or stemmy nugs, and minimal trichome coverage is not good.